SAMF Board of Directors

The St. Augustine Music Festival endeavors to connect culture and community through world-class music. We deepen the connection to the rich cultural and historical traditions of the region through the artistic and sophisticated chamber music performances to strengthen and unify the St. Augustine community.


Our Board of Directors also plays an important role in engaging the community. Each member of the diverse SAMF Board brings a different background, view, and expertise that propels SAMF to expand and evolve with meaningful and purposeful world-class music experiences.

Board of Directors



Jorge Peña, Artistic Director, Founder
Jin Kim-Peña, Founder
Bill Boxer, Executive Director
Nell Toensmann, Board Chair, Secretary
Gray Mason, Vice-Chair
Joseph Volpe, Secretary
Svetlana Gerkerov, Treasurer
Robert Bergstrom
Michele Bova
Maria Burk
Peter Gladstone
Francisco Guitard
Katheryn Hancock
Jonathan Lindsay
Shayla Brooke Nelson
Olga Kostrubsky
Jorge Rivera

Emeritus Board Members



David P. Brezing

Bonnie Foster

David Foster, Esq.

Janet Ponton Lewis

Martha Margaride

Sheila Russo