St. Augustine Premiere Lodging

The Casa Monica Resort and Spa

Located in the vibrant core of St. Augustine, just a gentle stroll from the Cathedral Basilica, The Casa Monica Resort and Spa encapsulates an experience where grandeur and history converge. For guests attending the St. Augustine Music Festival, Casa Monica is more than just a stay—it’s an entry into the historical essence of the city. Revel in its luxurious accommodations and rich, Moorish Revival architecture, all while being at the nexus of the festival’s lively cultural happenings.

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The Voco Hotel on Anastasia Island

Positioned on the serene shores of Anastasia Island, The Voco Hotel offers a retreat where modern amenities blend with the tranquil ambiance of the beachfront. A short drive transports you from the quiet of the island to the dynamic atmosphere of the St. Augustine Music Festival and the historic Cathedral Basilica. After a day of music and exploration, escape back to the Voco to unwind in a setting that balances the island’s peaceful nature with easy access to the festival’s vibrant performances.

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